Together Apart
Simple mural outlines ready to add color with your own paint.

I have been missing everyone ever since covid19 brought life to a halt. Here is a little something I am offering as a way to bring us together while still staying apart.

Here’s how it works:
  1. 1) Build a wall or use an existing exterior wall that is easily accessible to the public. Contact me for details on what materials and format are best for making a freestanding wall and how best to prime it.

    2) Choose a design from the gallery below. The ones with red dots have already been claimed but if you like one of those I can make another version of it. These designs can be adjusted to fit your surface format. I am working on more designs and will continue to upload.

    3) Contact me to set up a time to paint the design onto your wall when it is primed and ready.

    4) Let your community know how they can participate in painting the mural. I have suggested guidelines but you can make it up however you like. Essentially folks come on their own whenever they like, with their own paints and brushes and using acrylic house or tube paint- color in or outside of the lines. 

    4) Sign clearly on the back of mural (or designated area) and post pictures on social media tagging your site and my instagram: @jackiereevesart
What does it cost?
For a $200 stipend, if you live within a 30 minute drive of Barnstable Village, Massachusetts, (maybe more if your are farther away) I will come to your site and paint the outline design. If finances are tight right now don't let that stop you, just let me know and we can work something out. My dream is to have these pop up all over town!
If you are somewhere across the globe and know how to enlarge, transfer and paint, I welcome you to use my designs for free but please tag me in your social media. We are all in this together!

Together Apart Mural Designs
JACKIE REEVES Together Apart Mural Designs
JACKIE REEVES Together Apart Mural Designs
JACKIE REEVES Together Apart Mural Designs
JACKIE REEVES Together Apart Mural Designs
JACKIE REEVES Together Apart Mural Designs