Tales of the Sea 

Bismore Park, Hyannis Port,  2016

Tales from the sea are as endless as the ocean itself, and as interwoven throughout the history of Cape Cod as the nets which are cast to gather itʼs bounty. As residents and visitors of Cape Cod, we are drawn to the sea since it surrounds us at every turn. My intention with this mural is to evoke a sense of the past. While there are some visual clues that elude to the Capeʼs long fishing history, it is my hope that within the layers of paint there is more that is revealed the longer one looks.

As in many of my paintings I like to leave areas “unfinished” in hopes that the viewer will fill in the blanks with their own interpretations, memories or stories.

Tales of the Sea
This mural was painted in my studio in Barnstable Village on primed aluminum panels using water based exterior paints.
I began by developing ideas for this mural with sketches and archival photos that I layered together in photoshop. Using a projector I then transferred the image of the fishermanʼs face painted in black. The rest of it was developed in the process of painting using rollers, paint markers, squeegees and brushes to splatter, drip, roll and drag the paint. Working this way was purposeful and meant to mirror the fluidity and motion of the ocean.
Exterior latex paints
Final installation
Prepping the aluminum panel- sanding
Detail depicting woman salting fish
Working in the studio
Here the panels have been transported to the site and installation has begun
Detail of fisherman casting a net
Adding finishing touches
Color added to the side of the equipment shed
Completed mural